This year HumanLinks Foundation is partnering with Tilth Alliance to offer a 2017 grant program.  Tilth is now accepting grant applications through February 28th. The goal of this grant program is to support organic and sustainable farmers practicing responsible and progressive methods such as sustainable soil management, crop diversification, pollination enhancing practices, climate change mitigation and environmentally-safe waste management practices.

View the criteria and more information in the Grant Info Packet downloadable as a PDF


This grant program is open to all Washington State farmers, but preference will be given to farmers located in the Snoqualmie, Sammamish and Snohomish valleys. Eligibility is limited to farmers who are sustainable or organic, and are seeking to expand and/or improve their operation, make environmental impact improvements, or become a more sustainable business.
Grant funds are available under the following areas of sustainability:

  1. Environmental and sustainable impact

  2. Social impact

  3. Economic impact

Applicants may select one or multiple areas of sustainability that fit their proposed project.

Timeline & Details:
Applications must be postmarked or received electronically no later than February 28, 2017. Submit your application by online, email, or mail. Online submissions are preferred, but not required.

You can apply online using our Online Application Form

1. Complete the Grant Application and Cover Letter
2. Email application to applications@tilthalliance. 
* Send proposal as a Word of PDF attachment.
* We will not accept proposals submitted in the body of an email.
* Please make your subject line "Grant Proposal".

1. Complete the Grant Application and Cover Letter.
2. Mail to:  Tilth  Attn: Grant Applications, 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, #100 Seattle, WA 98103

In addition to our grant program, the HumanLinks Foundation also offers a micro-loan program to sustainable farmers to help strengthen the Washington farming economy.

About the Program
Since March 2010, the Foundation, partnering with Banner Bank, has provided credit access to farmers who may not have been able to secure a loan through a more conventional bank.

The Foundation, through the program administered by Banner Bank, will give qualifying local sustainable farmers the ability to borrow funds at a favorable interest rate (currently 3 percent) for up to five years. Loan sizes vary from a minimum loan of $2,500 to a maximum loan of $25,000.

The loan program is available continuously in four-month cycles. The next cycle runs from Nov. 15, 2015 through March 15, 2015.

For more information:
To learn about the loan program and fund availability, contact Nancy Iscovitz at

Download the Loan Application Here.